FREE Lesson & PDF! Diminished Passing Chords -> Major/Minor Destinations

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This has to be one of the coolest way to resolve to a major or minor destination. Use it for the following resolutions (examined in detail in my Secondary Dominants course):

V7->I ... V7/ii->ii ... V7/iii->iii ... V7/IV->IV ... V7/V->V ... V7/vi->vi, and more!

In this FREE video and PDF I'll show you the basics and then run through the major and minor sequences in all twelve keys using the Circle of 5ths as a guide.

If you love the sound of this and want to learn more about the Circle of Fifths, Secondary Dominants, and more, then check out the full course here. The 5-hour course starts with by exploring the sound of Secondary Dominants with simple triads, slowly working its way towards three etudes that incorporate this nifty trick and more!

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So much to learn in this completely free lesson. You'll be practicing this trick for months!


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